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  • Each person in the group is responsible for themselves, their vehicles, equipment, and their UTV.  Click on some links below to check out insurance options for both your vehicle and your UTV.  

Travel and Med Evac Insurance

Crossing the Border: 

The link below contains the instructions given by the Baja 1000 race organization about border crossing.  It has useful info and instructions. 

What to Bring:


Each team participant will need to sign and return the waiver and program agreement. 

  • Click here for the waiver (pending)

UTV Rental:
There are limited providers on the Baja that rent machines outside of a tour provided by their company. We have a few options for rentals, prices range from $1000-$1200 per day, per machine.  Contact us if you are interested in a machine rental and we'll put you in touch with the providers. 

Question and Answer

San Quintin, Baja California

The area of San Quintin is a small farming town along the Baja 1000 trail. It’s known for large strawberry, raspberry and tomato production. The field workers put in 10-hour days with an average pay of only $12-$14/ Day.  We will be building a simple home for a family who is in serious need of a better place to raise their family.

For more information contact: Ramon Roberts 801-636-5888, wearehandsonhope@gmail.com

Hands on Hope, Inc 501(c)(3)