Where does the adventure start?

  • We will meet in San Diego and cross the border together.  You are responsible for getting yourself to the meeting place before the border crossing.  We will caravan together to Ensenada, to stay the night. (75 miles south of the border). Our ride will start in a small town just south of Ensenada called Santo Tomas.  However, if you are not able to make that time and location. You are responsible to meet up with the group in Ensenada or Santo Tomas.

 Do I need need to bring fuel?

  • Do NOT bring containers full of fuel across the border.  You will likely be denied entrance into Mexico.  Do, however, cross with the UTV tank full of gas. Do bring an empty portable fuel tank.

 Can I bring a vehicle other than an OHV for the ride?

  • The trail is best suited to a UTV, but a motorcycle could also be used. 

 Do I need to bring spare parts?

  • Because of the demands of Baja, bring spares!  We recommend keeping a spare tire, and belt.  It's highly recommended for motorcycles to use bib mousse inserts.  

What happens if my UTV breaks down on the ride?

  • There will be a mechanic on the trail who can assist in the event of a breakdown. You are ultimately responsible to make sure your machine is well-prepared. 

 How do I sign up?

  • A 50% deposit is required to secure the date with the balance due 60 days before the tour begins. Tour reservations are not guaranteed without a deposit.

Minimum participant policy: All tours must meet the 20-minimum rider policy in order for the tour to operate. Please inquire when booking if you have any questions regarding this policy. If the tour does not operate, deposits will be returned.

 What's included in the participation fee?

  • Guided trail ride, a portion of the trail includes part of the Baja 500 trail. 
  • Building materials for the home being built for and with a local family in need. 
  • The support staff will haul your luggage to our lodging sites, so you are not carrying extra gear in your UTV, on the trail.
  • Picture package including drone footage.
  • Reservation and transition services.
  • Snacks and drinks on the trail. 
  • We will provide information for multiple quality choices for safe and delicious food.

Not Included:

  • Travel costs, including food, lodging fuel, insurance, etc. both in the U.S. and Mexico 
  • Meals are also at your own expense. This gives you a wide variety of choices.  

Suggestions include:

  • This is an adventure ride – NOT a race.  If you are looking for a race, there are some good ones in the Baja, that are 500 or 1000 miles.  
  • A safe trip is a fun trip.
  • Share the trail, people, bikes, cows, horses, deer, etc.
  • Be alert for other vehicles on the trail.
  • Keep a safe distance from other riders, don't ride in the dust.  
  • The group will stop now and then for snacks, bathroom breaks and to enjoy the incredible views.

Ride and Build


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