Solar Panel & Charger: $210

 Gravity powered light : $73

 Basic Christmas for 1 child $50

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Knives, Forks, Spoons: $39

Battery for Solar System: $78

Sleeping Bag for Kids (need 2) $29

 Basic Christmas for 2 children $100

Single Burner Cook top $60

 Bath Towels- $27

Table /chairs- $70

1 sheet of ply siding $40

 Pots and Pans- $42

Used Mattress (need 3)- $75

 Large Garbage Can- $30

 Detergent,Sponges/ cleaning supplies- $25

Mob and Broom: $15

Providing Shelter

Laundry Washing Basin: $23

 Blankets (Need 3)- $20

Dish wash basin $22

We hope to provide a month of food staples for more than 50 families in need. The cost of one family is only 60 US Dollars. Pictured to the right is what that would look like for one individual family.  Food deliveries also contain seeds and gardening education to support self sustaining food production. 

Curtain/Curtain Rod : $16

 Basic Christmas for 4 children $200

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and go a long way to making a difference.

We are a 100% volunteer organization. All donated funds go directly to the service effort. ​

Solar Flashlight: $24

Pillows (need 4)- $10

     Durable camping dinnerware- $28

Food Security

Laundry Washing Board: $18

Bedsheets  $34

Christmas Gifts

Female Health

Christmas for each child includes a nice backpack for school, a few hygiene items, 2 or 3 clothing items, and a toy.  

5 2x4's for house building $35


 Basic Christmas for 3 children $150

Counter: (plywood & linoleum) $52