Lamb 25% donation

Water Tank 

(They have no running water) 


Mapleton Youth Giving Machine

1  Lamb

Needed items include the following:

1 Bag of Coal 

(A main source of heating their home) 


Lamb 50% donation

1 Ton of Coal 

(A main source of heating their home) 


Mapleton young men are doing a mini service mission for summer camp and will be serving in the Navajo Nation near Blanding, UT.  The local community is about 60 years old, but the families living there have only had electricity for 3 years and they still don’t have running water.   The homes are heated with wood stoves. ​

​There are a few items needed to benefit our Navajo brothers and sisters.  To donate an item, send a Venmo or PayPal donation.  

The most valued items we will provide are some sheep. The sheep will provide valuable genetic diversity to their herds. The young men will have the opportunity to raise the sheep, and in so doing can learn the principles of being  "good shepherds" and "feeding the sheep". The sheep will be delivered to Navajo families during camp in June.   We respond to donors with a service report of your donation.
All donations will receive a tax receipt from a registered 501c3.