​* BYOV Bring your own Vehicle / UTV. Travel costs/Lodging/food etc are at your own expense, giving you the freedom the choose your own quality level.  Limited UTV Rentals are available, but they cost more in Mexico than in the US.  The deep-sea fishing day is $150+- pp.   Consult your tax advisor for tax deduction options. Operated under Hands on Hope Inc. 501(c)(3). Non-Profit.​​

​Sunday,  ​      April 5, 2019

​Drive to San Diego and prepare for early morning border crossing. 

Monday,      April 6  (Humanitarian Trip Starts)
9:00 AM     Cross Border and drive to Ensenada arrive at noon. 
Noon          Lunch in Ensenada 
1:00 PM     Hit the trail 
6:00 PM     Arrive in San Quintin
7:00 PM     Dinner at Old Mill Restaurant​

Tuesday,       April 7
9:00 AM     Breakfast in town

House building 
5:00 pm    Stop building and go for some beach dune riding
7:00 PM    Dinner at Los Jardines Restaurant

Wednesday, April 8

9:00 AM     Breakfast in town
House building
4:00 pm    Wrap up building and do evening ride to La Lobera (sea lion cove)
7:00 PM    Dinner at Los Jardines Restaurant

Thursday:     April 9
7:00 AM     All day deep sea fishing
4:00 PM     Take extra fish around to needy people in town.
7:00 PM     Fish fry and BBQ for dinner.

Friday,           April 10 (Trip final wrap up)
8:00 AM    Trail riding back to Ensenada  (Santo Tomas)
1:00 PM     Lunch in Ensenada
Tourist activities as desired

        Playing with lions and tigers 
        Bufadora ocean blowhole and souvenir shopping
        Rancho Santos hot spring soaking

        Zip Lines

7:00        Final team dinner at Brizillian BBQ restaurant
Stay the night in Ensenada

Saturday,     April 11  Stay and play or head back home at your own pace

"The most fun you'll have doing something good"


First come first served

Payable to Non-Profit 

Trip Itinerary

$549 *

First come first served

VENMO accepted

UTV Humanitarian Trip

(House Building)

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April 6-10,  2019