2 months of food staples for 55 additional families

Female Empowerment

We have started a new initiative where a small group of families works together. In conjunction with our traveling service teams, they help each other reach their dream of owning a simple home.

Provide education and hygiene kits for 2 women's shelters (40 families)

Building a Shelter 


Provide holiday dinner for 500 people

Distribute toys and blankets to 300 children in need

Food is among the most basic of human necessities. There are few examples of communities that have eliminated poverty without first solving their need for constant nourishment. It is difficult to help yourself and your family if your stomach is grumbling. Providing a family with a supply of food allows them to plan ahead and exit "emergency mode". 

With wages in the area being in the range of $12-14/day. It's difficult for the very hard-working parents to provide basic necessities. Christmas is a wonderful time to share and gift create a smile. 

​We are also working with local women's shelters to provide education about to empower women and teach self-worth. We are also educating on hygiene topics and providing health kits.  


Fight Hunger

Christmas gifts for

70 families

Build and furnish a new home for a family